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Life Saving Drugs Program (LSDP) review is released

Monday 15, Oct 2018

This new process now provides a much clearer path for all involved to ensure delays in decision outcomes are minimised. 

Every two years medicines on the LSDP will be now be reviewed to ensure use and performance of the medicine sits with the recommendations and expectations at the time of listing. Patient groups, individuals, clinicans and sponsors can  prepare submissions to the expert panel.

The MPS Society has been advised the review of medicines available for MPS I, MPS II MPS IVA and MPS VI will commence in February 2019. The Society will be making submissions on behalf of our members, we will also assist families to do the same. If anyone has any concerns or questions about what this means or what you can do during reviews, please contact us on or

Patient access to the most effective treatments is and will always be the priority of the Australian MPS Society. It is very important that we can understand all the patients that this program supports please ensure your contact details are kept updated. For further infomation please go to